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The SuperFly Fishing Machine

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System Requirements
Technical Details
Registering SuperFly
New! Add-Ons & Fly-Packs


When I started fly-tying I looked around for good software to keep track of fly patterns. There were a few but none were very Eli-friendly, most had limited features, and all cost money. So over an all-you-can-eat fish & chips dinner, my buddy Doug and I came up with everything we'd like to see in a fly-fishing / fly-tying computer package. I went home and got to work and about 36 hours later called up Doug to say it was done. Since then I've added a few features but it's essentially the same fly pattern, insect, hatch, water body, people database that it was on January 15, 1996. Five years later it's still the best software I've seen of its kind and it's still free. I hope you agree.


The major components are:
  • Tying Bench (Fly Patterns & Materials Inventory)
  • Critters (Bugs, Fish & Folks)
  • Water (Fishin' Holes & Fishing Logs)
  • Library (Notebook, Gallery & Book Inventory)
  • Charts & Tables (Leader Formulae, Fish Scale & Hook Charts)
  • Utility Belt (Import / Export)

The Fly Box, Critters, and Water are all linked together. For example, if you're looking at AK's Hopper in the Fly Pattern screen you can click beside "Natural: Grasshopper" to move to the Grasshopper entry in Naturals. From there you can click on the Fly button to see all the other Fly Box patterns that imitate grasshoppers, or on the Hatch button to see when and on what Waters grasshoppers are a good bet. The real fun is once you get some of your own trip logs, fly patterns and hatch charts in there.

Fly Patterns
This is AK's Hopper.
This is the entry for Grasshopper.

System Requirements

This is the minimum required:

Technical Details

SuperFly was created with Microsoft Access 2.0 and is packaged for royalty-free distribution with the Microsoft Access Developer's Kit. Until someone with more free time than I volunteers to bring it up to date, Access '97 through 2007 users will need to download the full Installable version.

As of release 2.2, SuperFly is open for developers to tweak, modify, or improve. Please contact me for details.

Registering SuperFly

Though SuperFly is free, it isn't exactly freeware. It's what I call FlyWare. If you like SuperFly and would like to know when new versions or SuperFly data files are available, please send three flies of your own construction to:

Eli Robillard
451 Concord Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M6H 2P9


Since writing the database I've learned there's a fly-tying materials company also called Superfly. I'm not associated with them though I occasionally use their dubbing. Another difference: I'm pretty sure they weren't thinking of it as a tribute to Curtis Mayfield when they named their company.

Kids should be taken fishing.
"Microsoft" and "Microsoft Access" are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


Download SuperFly 2.2 Data Files Only - For Previous Users. Download to your SUPERFLY directory and Run (SF22DB.EXE, Size: 2.1Mb).
Download SuperFly 2.2 Full Installation - For New Users. Click here for complete instructions (SF22F.EXE, Size: 5.5Mb).
Download SuperFly 2.21 Update - Download to your SuperFly directory and run to unpack the new interface. Fixes problems with adding Trip Reports and opening files.


The "Install SuperFly" option above uses a small plug-in called InstallFromTheWeb. If you use Explorer this plug-in will install automatically. If you use Netscape you will need to download the plug-in to any directory, run it, and run Netscape again to see the Install Button. Once you have InstallFromTheWeb, the Install Button will download and install SuperFly in one go. It's pretty slick.

The "Download SuperFly Data Files Only" option above contains the two data files which will update previous installations of SuperFly. Save the file (sfly22db.exe) to your SuperFly directory (normally C:\SUPERFLY) and run it to complete the installation. Run SuperFly as you normally do, you're now updated.

The "Download SuperFly Full Installation" option above contains the full installation set for SuperFly. Use this if you use Windows 3.1 or the "Install SuperFly" option doesn't work for you.

Add-Ons & Fly Packs

One of the great things about SuperFly is that you aren't limited to having just one database. The following "specialty" files were created by SuperFly users from around the world. Contributions are always welcome. Note! You probably need the 2.21 Update which fixes a problem with opening newer files.

To install a new fly pack: 1) Click on a file, 2) Save the file into your SUPERFLY directory, 3) Run the file to unpack it, and 4) Open the file from either Superfly's File menu or the Utility Belt. 5) Enjoy!

  • New Zealand - By Russell J Allfrey - Contains 27 patterns and pictures, plus references to books about this fly fishing paradise.