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Canadian Fly Fishing Forum

Come see me at the 26th Canadian Fly Fishing Forum, April 6-7, 2002 in Toronto. Whether you've been at it for years, starting out or just curious, Canada's largest Fly Fishing event is the place to be. This is the second year I've chaired the Forum and it's shaping up to be another terrific weekend. The Exhibit Hall is packed with shops, manufacturers and destinations, Seminars feature a variety of topics from Fly Fishing's top presenters, Fly Tying demonstrations by 30 of North America's best, and lots more.

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SuperFly Fishing Machine

This is software I wrote to keep track of fly patterns, fishing logs, your collection of books, and more. It's a heckuva great piece of software if I do say so myself. All you need to know is behind this link.

NEC 8: Flyfish@ North East Conclave 2001.

Pictures from Wilmington Notch. There's also a Trip Report.


Flyfish@ Lake Placid Conclave 1999.


Hook Chart

This hook chart was designed by Roman Scharabun. This link includes Roman's introduction to the chart. The next link contains the chart only, suitable for printing. Roman tells me this chart was prepared for a book of his, but the publisher thought it would decrease the "timelessness" of the book and was pulled. The book's loss is our gain, all I've done is format it for the web and add a little colour. Enjoy.

Hook Chart - Chart Only

This link contains the hook chart, suitable for printing. The above link includes Roman's introduction.

Illustrated Pattern Swap Submissions

Every year Sue Kreutzer coordinates the amazing Illustrated Pattern Swap on the FlyFish@ mailing list. This was my submission last year. You can see them all at: Byard Miller's site, which also contains images from IPS I and IPS II.

In The Net Part One

The first In The Net reviews fly fishing sites in Ontario. It was originally published in the Single Haul, the official newsletter of the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club.

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