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Paris 2007

I needed to work on a technical book for a few days and thought it would be a good idea to get out of town to do it. Then I heard that Archive was playing in Paris, and Dawn hadn't seen Paris yet, and it just made sense to go there for a while.

Irina - 2003

Irina - 2002

Rolling Stones at the Palais Royale

Giant band, small club. Here's what it was like by the stage. I also wrote a [Review]

New York City - April 2002

NEC IX - Elora Gorge, Ontario

Campfire and breakfast photos from the ninth annual FF@ North East Conclave. I needed that.

Hiking in Caledon

Forks of the Credit Park in early June. A great day with plenty of breeze to keep the bugs down. We hiked, had a picnic, saw the waterfall, skipped rocks, and I only fell in once.

Microsoft - ASPFriends Ace Summit - March 2002

40 geeks from around the world descended on Redmond, Washington for the second Ace Summit. It was a great week with some great people.

New York City

April 2001. Growing up I always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt. No more. New York is the greatest feat of engineering on the planet. To have the foresight to plan a city like Manhattan when it was still just another island, in such a way so you can see horizon from the middle of downtown, amazing. Add a couple hundred years of great buildings and people who don't always agree and nothing else is like New York. Though Wascana (the second largest urban park on the planet) beats Central for picnics.

Irina - 2001

Easter, baseball, first day of school, and on to Halloween.

NEC VIII - Flyfish@ North East Conclave

Wilmington Notch, New York. Always a good weekend. The snow hit Wednesday night, the Canadian Contingent arrived and heard the stories Thursday. It was nearly as cold that night, but no snow so nothing to complain about. Cold weather seemed to keep fish down in the usual spots, but a couple expeditions turned up some nice fish. Cutbow in New York? Who knew.

IWFFC Committee Day

Summer 2001, Glen Haffy Trout Club. Sheldon had a nice one in the morning, about 3lbs. It was a hot, sunny day and fishing was slow though Paul and others did well fishing damsels on the rise. We had a good meeting and Ken BBQ'ed some fine slabs. Business done we got back on the water. The fish erupted as though it were raining pellets. I've never seen anything like it. The water boiled with 20 fish any given spot you looked. Caught some, missed some, then the skeeter hatch began, the mayflies ended, and it was over.


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