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Friends on the Web

Out There

The Greatest Software in the World

Friends on the Web

I know some pretty bright, creative people. Here's a game: try to figure out which of these sites are theirs.

Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club

Home of the Canadian Fly Fishing Forum. I chaired a great committee for the 25th Forum in 2001 and 2002 promises to be even better.

West World Music

Looking for instruments or parts? These guys have by far the best prices you'll find online.
(Added 29 Jan 2002)

Gerry's What's On Column

One of the few music columns worth reading anywhere. Hype-free writing from a guy with a good ear for music.
(Added 25 Jan 2002)

Chris Knight

Fly fishing and bad poetry.

Bob Lundy - Bob's Gone Fishin'

A great source of information on fly fishing, from how to get started, to South Ontario hatch charts.

Jason Reihl

Good poetry and bad, prejudged for your convenience. Great friend, new location, same old unreadable fonts.

Andrew and Sophie Roberts

Some good friends writing about what's new.

Jeff Tomlin and Jason Collins - Land That Job!

A Resume and Cover Letter service run by a couple of capable friends. They also offer resume critiques and the prices look good.

Marc Simard - Folklahoma

Another site with original content. In Folklahoma you'll find four-track recording, music videos, and screenplays.

Hans Weilenmann's Flytier Page

Great pictures and fly tying patterns.

Out There

Links pages suck. This page sucks. No one cares where John Q. Public surfs. No one cares where you surf. Opinion pages are worse. On the Internet, background noise is measured per thousand opinions. Out There is definitely the type of page I hate. It was once called Things You Need to Know but that was a lie, still I can't resist the urge to bring it back.

Wretched Dogs in Kimonos

It's back! I have no idea if this is a sales site or merely an exhibition. These dogs should be hollowed out and used to dispense Kleenex. Honestly, it would be less embarrasing. [Especially Wretched] [Especially Embarrassing]

The Echo Personals - Missed Connections

Searching for references to a subway station in London I stumbled on the best personals section since first-year Outlaw Biker. "We talked photography, bears & Wimbledon." "You: blond and beautiful. Me: Hawaiian shirt 'n beard." Truth remains stranger than fiction.

SNL Transcripts

Synchronized Swimming, Happy Fun Ball, the Super Bass-O-Matic '76 (video), 60 Minutes, White Like Me, Il Returno De Hercules, Sold Out Gold, they just need the All-Drug Olympics, the High School Chess Coach, Buckwheat Sings, the Velvet Jones School of Technology and Angry Black Weatherman to round out a stellar collection.

[SNL Transcripts]
Alex Chiu

Every page a goldmine, beginning with a cure for death. On Peace: "How to Bring Global Peace? Only Alex Chiu has the solution to a unified world, unless you can think of a better one." On Politics: "Teleportation must be invented. If we don't invent teleportation, China will throw nuclear bomb everywhere. Especially now everyone can live forever."

A. Chiu
Paranormal Management Systems

"Paranormal Management Systems provides a scientific overview of paranormal and psychological techniques suitable for organizations that need to maintain their competitive edge."

Psi Tech Remote Viewing Insitute

It's not often that a site for wackos and fringe-dwellers is this beautiful. Wow, totally space-age. Great Flash, professional video, it's all here.

[Psi Tech]
Flowbee™ Precision Home Haircutting

From the FAQ:
Q: What is the longest hairstyle that the Flowbee is recommended for?
A: The limiting factor here is the power of the vacuum motor.


Keen to observe Flowbee's unchecked monopoly in the home vaccuum-haircutting market, RoboCut emerged with the claim "Better than Flowbee." And when you order the HairLine™, the chin strap is included.

The Nori Home Page

Where "Blowing your nose is not enough!" After a few minutes on the Nori page, you're sure to think of a few good jokes. If you always wanted to prove you've got more free time than most people you could try submitting a few zingers here:

Nori Woman
It's A Dysfunctional Life, featuring the Nori

At last count, over a hunded Nori jokes for your amusement. I only pray RoboCut doesn't muscle in on the nasal cleaning market and come up with anything bearing the slogan "Better Than Nori!"

Corrections Technology and Management Magazine

Some magazines are inadvertently great. "From deep in the pod to far beyond the fence." Grade school writing and painful layout, but almost as enjoyable as the first few years of Outlaw Biker, in an other-side-of-the-bars kinda way. Also the first place I know of to write about real human, psychological implications of Y2K. Hint: For the current issue click CTM under Read the Magazine. There's also a Flash thing but it just leads to the standard site after a lot of graphics and the sounds of slamming doors.

The Greatest Software in the World

Make life easier, get the best. These packages are as reliable and indispensible as coffee. Unless noted all are free and uncrippled though a couple will nag you to register. Stop missing out and do yourself a favour today.

Windows Commander

The best file manager ever. Written by Christian Ghisler. Native ZIP support (zip files are treated like any other folder), great FTP support, synchronization, If you ever used Norton Commander you know what's been missing ever since. I've used Windows Commander for about 8 years, it's essential. Opening nag until registered, otherwise you can test drive to your heart's content.

Opera Web Browser [Get Opera - Opens New Window]

Hands-down the best browser in the world. Fast, easy to use, and very easy to customize. Hate pop-up windows? Javascript? Embedded MIDI files? This lets you turn them on or off without wading through pages of menus. Mouse gestures let you surf without hunting for Back buttons, digging through menus or having to touch the keyboard. In two years every application will use them, you'll come to enjoy them as much as your wheel mouse. Opera also has built-in Mail, Instant Messaging, and all the features you're used to only better.

Pegasus Mail

Sick of E-mail viruses? Switch to Pegasus, the best e-mail app ever. I've used Pegasus since Sharkmail (the previous best) was sold to Da Vinci, that's DOS days. It was the best then and still is, a poster child for the best freeware has to offer. Written by David Harris. It was the first freeware client with filtering. Great network support. If you're on Novell it was made for you, hands-down the best choice. Also see its companion Mercury Mail, a freeware NLM mail server with perfect Novell support and good NT support. For standalone systems, Pegasus has every feature you need and the learning curve goes flatter with every release. And I've never been infected with an e-mail virus, for this Pegasus Mail shares equal credit with McAfee VirusScan.


The best plaintext document editor ever. Popular with journalists. Some like it for code too, I don't. For writing plaintext documents or anywhere line wrapping is called for this is the app to beat. Other features that make it superior: Search and replace across several files, powerful macro support.

Other great software includes: Homesite for web development, Winamp for mp3 playback, Morpheus for mp3 trading, and ZoneAlarm for protecting yourself over a cable modem.

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